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What Is Wealthy Affiliate? How Does It Help Us To Start An Online Business

In this post you will be introduced  to WA by our wealthy affiliate review form basic to end. Some year ago people thinks how to learn internet marketing but they could not proper find proper place, while some people were scammed by so called Gurus, so they blamed that earning online money is a not legit. In this situation Mr.Kyle & Mr. Carson discovered the way that goes straight-forward to knock the door of internet marketing named wealthy affiliate.

 Actually in wealthy affiliate people communicate with each other to learn lots of tips and tricks & to sell their products online to earn commission, particularly it helps retired people looking for an additional income, wealthy affiliate provides a platform how to start Internet work at home, it is absolutely the right place for those People that want to build their own website(s) or Individuals looking for a trusted hosting platform, therefore it is considered one of the most famous marketing institutes to make money online for local marketers and online merchants, having numbers of best reviews with very rare complaints’ it is the one who made me happy in the world of online marketing.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Program a Good Thing?

WA provides swealthy affiliate programoul to dead body, it plays role of blood in the veins of local marketer’s companies, if you are newer in online business & didn’t read any positive review, don’t miss this opportunity to join wealthy affiliate for making money online ….. In 2013 I just got free membership of WA, actually I was interested in Internet marketing, as I opened WA site I was warmly surprised by the content of WA, that was too much informative I liked much and started to know more about it, the information were looking like a false dream but my interest was going up and up. During reading content I found an option of video training I just downloaded all videos to watch, there were seven days free trail, I got tons of tips and trick to sell online, I thanked the owner of this website because I got first $ from it.

How I found $1st from wealthy affiliate:

Getting 1st dollar from the Internet it’s very hard in initial stages but I did, how? As I knew wealthy affiliate, provides an amazing facility “built a free website” I just got the free website because I got some free knowledge on the basis of free videos course of marketing in first 7 days to create a free word press website. It was December cool evening as I decided writing some content on my website, as I start to write something I was puzzled how to write what I write, just I put a question to the owner of WA they answered me “you write about your interesting topic may be related to any field of the world, actually I was interested in Cricket news so I wrote some news & player’s stories about cricket, within next 3, 4 days I posted more news including entertainment news etc. so that I was updating my site regularly as posting more and more things, I applied all methods that I had learned from WA videos, so that I got 800 visitors within 2 days. I made an account on clickbank. com to get a product, so that I got my product link from click-bank and posted in my website, after few days my click bank product was bought by someone and I got 50% commission of product, moreover I posted some Chitika ads on my website so that I got 2 cents when someone clicks on my WA site.

Wealthy affiliate provides an option to be upgraded , why it is more important to be pro, is it the best strategy to enhance our Internet business read the truth in these lines!


Why was I upgraded:

Before going to premium I made sell twice in one week I thought myself I can earn more money using new tips and tricks because 2nd wealthy affiliate course was blocked so I upgraded just spending $19 and got 2nd course, I was fully aware of each and everything as I had little experienced being a free member for 7 days even some expert friends also asked me to upgrade, you may see in under fig what I got more as I done to be upgraded.

wealthy affiliate membership

As I upgraded I got another course and asked too many questions to the owner of WA, he helped me to be successful in marking or making more click-bank sells, now I was on the spot applied too many SEO trick and tips to grow my online business, next week I got 6000 new visitors and made 3 sells, side by side so many people clicked on Chitika ads which work as a catalyst for my Internet work. Now, friend it is your turn to get start online business, I trust you will be warmly surprised by the wealthy affiliate community.


Is Wealthy Affiliate has been a scam for 2016 or legit?

Scam means illegal thing or use wrong way to get benefit,it exists up to some extent each and every field of the world particularly in marketing, but as for as wealthy affiliate scam are concerned I searched using many possible ways like wealthy affiliate warrior forum to know realities but I always founds the best reviews everywhere, it looks like so different program than other, let me tell you how? Do you pay any penny as you join for 1st week, no, what do you get in first week, a lot, if you have been really serious, so many things I mentioned about review of this affiliate program very clearly, you have known how in 1st week I ranked up my blog and got huge traffic! Yes they get some money after seven days, do you think Kyle & Carson should not get a little amount of credit I think it is their right they may do even they are always there to answer you even 275000 active members too. Another fact is that when a newcomer comes into community, he/she is motivated by WA community and gets extraordinary result by this great program, therefore, wealthy is not scam it is a safe place to start your online business, unfortunately due to lake of information people lose correct way as they do not understand each and every process well but in my best wealthy affiliate review I can claim that it is the most charming way to start your online business from $0. Simply it is far way from scam & I had never got before I join the wealthy affiliate. I hope you will be highly satisfied by this amazing stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints in 2016:

Being a premium member of wealthy affiliate I never feel frustration in past five years but there are few people who posted complaints about it. I learned too much WA as I visit regularly because I am paying member so that I made mind to share with you some fair and honest feedback about the services & offers of this best affiliate program with the complaints of the wealthy affiliate as I found from others people in WA community & positive reviews too. You can find little complaints as you search, see in this picture how much wealthy affiliate had complaints for last few years, surprisingly only three, two are billing issue & another one is about product and services complaint, yes it is said that “nothing is perfect” but on the basis of my experience there are 10,00 of best reviews with highly success rate than all,

wealthy affiliate complaints

Let me more explain to these WA complaints!

Losing correct way, but it is good:

Firstly I want to explain how people lose correct way to access getting benefits from all provided services, because you can do tons of questions & make comments too, actually a starter member of wealthy affiliate have access to get many services but up to some limit as asking questions directly from the owner of this website Kyle & Carson for only first 7 days. So people do not go to premium and so that they lose their access to do something extraordinary that has been waiting for them. There are thousands of marketers and some experienced people ready to help you to your business after seven days trail you need to be premium to get full access for other most effective services as like getting a lot of traffic on your website to enhance your sell rate etc. Thus, very many people do not find right way even they do not know how a program works how they can get help from videos and community, mostly get the free membership for 7 days and think to let it go to the next affiliate program. I had seen very rare negative reviews in comment section of WA, honestly I started my online business to earn money through wealthy affiliate community, I have never cut off unless the person was spamming violating or having too much bad behavior within community, I do not know about yourself but I put a lot of questions even before Kyle and Carson but always success was made by this best wealthy affiliate program.

Wealthy affiliate upgraded issues, they are rare but still exist:

Why? That is important questions regarding the existence of upgrading issues in the wealthy affiliate. For this purpose, I researched well to know all facts over last five years. it was seen that the people had not tried to find out each and everything just they come and go, all terms and conditions are very easy and cleared there, you just need to study at once to make sure, I have controlled fully to my membership and I never feel worried I learned more and more new things like reviews complaints to grow my online business, you should know each and everything in first 7 days being a free member. I got success applying four simple steps to my online work, see in this image and get an account!

Click me to join free today……………….

simple to earn money by wealthy affiliate

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