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Say “Bay Bay” To All Complaints of Wealthy Affiliate

Today I made a plan to prepare comprehensive report of my personal success being a part of wealthy affiliate, firstly I touch a little background of this best affiliate program in the history of the world to explain starting a small business at home to earn online money.

my wealthy affiliate

Who was known before 2005 as is there existence of Kyle and Carson in corner of this world Victoria British Columbia Canada. No one could consider that who about to the great entrepreneurs in future as founders of this program became, but it all became turned into fact as Mr. Kyle and Mr. Carson who launched an online training School called WA website in 2005. It was the great milestone in the history of affiliate marketing to provide training for new comers in order to start an online small business at home. It is the best SEO institute in business education and social internet marketing in this world.

Wealthy Affiliate Video in Urdu

In March 2015, my kind and honest friend, a great SEO specialist named Stephen Hall from United state texted me.…., I have been learning him for several years in this marketing and SEO field, he asked me to join great internet marketing program to enhance my internet work, in those days I was much busy in my study , but I created account as a free member of WA, It was free trail for six days and that has been great  my experience in this field to begin small business at home first time in my life , so I am sharing my experience with you to provide best Wealthy Affiliate reviews for my followers.

If you want to make online money or you want to start small business at home you must need to join this great program, you might be known  making money online is not easy because everyone knows  almost 90% to 95% is running scam or fake on the internet even in this modern and advanced period of time, due to bad luck so many people are being grabbed by the fakers and scammers, as often websites claim that they would pay you 20USD if you are going to join at the first time and further they would provide $20 more as someone joins using your affiliate link, similarly if someone click on your affiliate link you may get $10 for each click are more but you will never ever find this types of wealthy affiliate complaints anywhere.

It is a just wasting of time and money too, full of scam I was faced too but I did not leave to work hard and at last I found the way how to earn online money & how to progress my small business at home, that is the WA who showed me right way to earn money from the internet at house, It is not only business training side by side you can get much more than this as social networking by dropping wealthy affiliate reviews & keywords research etc. If you are tired and regretted of being burned by all the so called Guru’s who are only really hunger to grab your pocket money, never give up my friend, take last chance by joining  an amazing business training program.

 What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

WA is a big online business hub, what a great, no doubt in this period of time online education is progressing day by day and the time is not too far when all education will be  totally virtual. Therefore, I called it is a not only school but a big university in the world of business education at home.

As we login in this small business program, we observe what is inside in it, has it only online business training? No, I can say that it is a university of thoughts where only instruction are given but there is a formation of character through the education of life, as for as wealthy affiliate university is concerned, the education of this program relates not only instruction in one are more particular subjects, as it is thoughts in schools and colleges but this local business school offered you a complete code of life particularly in money making, as

Social media is in the WA

Business training is in the WA 

School of thoughts is in WA

SEO master is in the WA

Keywords research is in WA

Small business at home is in WA

I keep searching to find newer complaints of wealthy affiliate most of the time on the internet, but not successes, as they provide video courses their content are like e-books of internet work even they are with you each and every step of your internet working life, awesome!  How you can ask numerous of question directly, no monthly fees in this local business type school, completely free marketing study is given in this best affiliate program, actually they want to see your success in your internet wring even they make planning of your online business at home, I am not understanding what are not being provided by this most reliable program of online working.

How to promote your big or small business how to find out a real market to sell your products and so many other things as private messages you can do to get best ideas, unlimited questions most important the creating website in 40 seconds and their support is available 24/7 for you, I have deeply studied about this online workplace having 50,000 positive the best reviews.

At the very end I suggest you get a free account of this program to start earning and observe what they think about your online work planning at home I know well you will be highly surprised by the great wealthy affiliate community, to conclusion that I had never before as I got after joining the best wealthy affiliate program to start my small online business from $0.

Click me to join free today……………….

Is wealthy affiliate scam or legit?

In this most progressive internet period of time, scamming is the worst problem for all internet users, due to accesses of websites it is difficult to find out is this website is a scam or legit? Because internet scamming has become one of the horrible problems for all internet users. Therefore, question arises again, is wealthy affiliate a scam or not, even I found so many reviews to be called fake WA, it means some of the people think that is not legit but why do they think so, on the other hand they are not taking money from you, but they help you to start online work thus WA is far away from scamming.

I checked all reviews well and found it that wealthy affiliate is real place of learning, it leads you how to become a successful internet marketer, therefore a lot of people earning money with the help of WA if you want to make money it is the best place to start online business, you should join and I guarantee you that you will never fail to earn online money, there are thousands of people who ready to help you free of cost.

How wealthy affiliate is beyond of faking & scamming

I show outlines to proof that how WA a is real place of marketing in this world to make money online at home,

Step by step coaching

Free web hosting

Site Rubix – program

Key words list

Firstly, step by step coaching is not being provided by any other website, free courses here and the founder of wealthy affiliate Kyle and Carson are with you, you can discuss about marketing issues with them they are always ready for you and massive amount of training to learn and other people are there to show you straight direction in this site, so you get training and take action to know is wealthy affiliate real place to work? I hope even guarantee you would get positive results, so you can never ever be able to call is not real.

As for as web hosting is concerned is totally free you can get free domain name, the site is created by Site Rubix is very user friendly as compared to Google blogger, because of  word-press site so we can install all types of plug-in to make it more perfect this is the best work that is provided by the wealthy affiliate no chance of scamming, on the behalf of Site Rubix how we can call that is fake.

After creating website an issue of content appears but wealthy affiliate is a solution of this problem as we can find out a keywords list very easily to put high searching keywords, in this way we can write a very amazing and highly rich keyword content that is much better option to get massive amount of traffic to your website.

Lastly as they are not giving you money and you are also not paying anything else so what kind of scam can be considered by you towards WA.

best place of learning is wealthy affiliate

How Wealthy Affiliate Works?

How WA works for you, I was much inspired as I saw first time in my life, how wealthy affiliate discusses at the start by telling us four simple steps to be the  best online marketer, I briefly discuss one by one as under.

1. Choose an internet connection

Firstly WA says to choose an internet connection, that is the first step to earn money, as we have an internet connection and we open different site like Google yahoo , etc. choosing an internet connection is not hard so we jump to 2nd step without wasting time.

2. Build a website:

Secondly building website is taken in this regard to get domain, it is partly hard particularly for new upcoming people in online business, but you should never be worried  about it because building website is made so easy by Wealthy affiliate, so join WA and build a  shining web site free of cost within just 30 second,

3. Get visitors:

Getting traffic/getting visitors is soul of online business, as it is said by big business men,

                    No people = No business …..  More People = More-Opportunities

I had been under the problem almost for one year, as I joined WA getting traffic’s problem had automatically solved. It is too much critical stage because getting traffic is not play. But with the help of WA it becomes  a fun, you can get thousands  to millions of visitors per day as thy offered  exceptional video training and easy content like an e-book answering to question like favorite a teacher  and  you should join wealthy affiliate my friend before going to start an online business.

4. Earn Revenue:

It also very easy if you have a lot of traffic you can earn money as much you want just like you can work as an affiliate or you can sell click bank or Amazon products to get the huge commission.

Finally, we get a result through four mentioned steps that are,

Choose internet …….. Create a website ……… Get visitors………. Earn revenue

We have known that  only getting visitors is problem and it is the main fact of online business through that we can earn money, you need to be expert in step # 3, that is getting visitors is only important , WA tells us, how to get visitors, simply check this link to join wealthy affiliate free membership.

Click me to join free today……………….


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