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Top URL Shortener Websites: The Places to Make Money Online

Link shrinking and customizing is going to be very important part of marketers and SEO specialists to hide their original links from others. For this purpose, you need to know about the top URL shortener websites. It is the best technique to make URL ease to remember and use. Sometimes, when we get an affiliate link of  brand to promote, it will be looking very strange with having long length as including so many slashes, question marks etc. therefore that becomes difficult to share on different places particularly over social media like twitter, LinkedIn that provide limited number of character’s spaces to type there. Moreover, when you give your link to any of advertisers to promote it, you can track your tiny link very easily just like how many clicks you have received, from which countries, people showed much interest at your brand that you promoted.

There are also some URL shortened websites that pay you money when someone clicks to any of shortened links. So it is also a good source of earning money online for those people who have not particular skills to earn online.

In this post, I mention the most favorite URL shorter websites that are highly trusted and after that, I talk about those link shrinker sites that pay money when someone clicks on the shortened link.

best url shortening services

Bitlay.com The Leading Shortener:

Bitly is one of the best places to make links shorter. So many subscribers like their services. The best point is that we can customize our links, it means if you have a URL and you want to change it according to your choice you can do it very easily.  Remember you must have to sign in to customize your URL. Get an account free of cost and click over to “customize” then put your desired words as an extension. I use bitly for URL shrinking because it gives too much correct information about people trend and we can also get three types of shortened links  from there as given under,




That is why I recommend this one to my followers.

G.oogle the top site of link shrinking:

G.oogle was, the link shortener software, launched by Google. You know almost each and every service of a Google is too much famous because Google is leading to the world; so many others tried to compete Google but always faded. Google URL shortened method is very popular because of its fastness.  Just put your link in G.oogle box, within few second it will be changed.

So many bloggers and website owners use WordPress to make their work ease. So Google offers a plug-in to install in WordPress. After that when you create a post or page your shortened link will be created automatically. I like this service and use for my website to track audience.

The thing I dislike is that you cannot create customize links so it means Google creates your links automatically if you put your link again in the box to make shorter g.oogle will provide you new links. That is why so many people prefer bitly.

TinyUrl.com an Alternative:

Tinnyurl is another website that helps to convert an original link into to artificial links. It is too much similar to bitly. With the customization of links, we can also get QR codes without any charges. It provides facilities to know about impressions, clicks,sales etc. so  that no need to install any heavy software to know your links trend.


How to make money from shortened URLs:

There are tons of ways to earn online money.The link shortener is one of the best ways to make money at home. It is especially for those persons that have only internet connection but they are out of proper skills to utilize for earning money. You know so many internet users must have facebook, twitter and other accounts to connect the world. They also share other posts in different groups and their timelines when they like it. You just get an account one of the following link shortener websites. Then you copy your post or any other post link, paste in URL shortener website to make it shortened. After you share your link to your social media profiles. You will get 1$ to 10$ against 1000 clicks. On the other hand, you can work as an affiliate member there, just grab your affiliate link when someone will sign up using your affiliate  link you will be awarded 20% commission as per referral.

Following shortened link website are used to earn money.

Make money with Adf.ly.com

I  will have to keep it the number one position because it pays 5$ to 10$ per 1000 clicks and minimum payout is just 5$ that is most valuable for customers because so many websites require more than 5$ to minimum payout that is why I like this place and also using to earn money online.

Clk.im.com Amazing place:

Another trusted platform to earn money and to make URL shortened. You can earn as much as you want. In this site, you can make your account in two different ways, as free account or premium. I think you should use a free account for initial stages.  But later you must avail premium just paying some bucks because premium account provides too many features as you can create ads, banners there and they pay 5% per referral but you will get an extra 25$ money if your affiliate member goes to premium.

Linkbucks.com The Best for Earning:

Linkbucks is also the best place to make short URL and money as well. It is too much similar to adfly but the best thing is that gives money without unique clicks. The minimum payout is 10$. I think that is a little bit high but it has the best record in the history of shortened link websites. More than 1.2 Million US Dollars has been paid to their members by this site that is why it has done the best in term of global ranking.  So that you should use this I think you will enjoy this one.

Some are more places that have too much similar value as other you may use them for it .









These all website are too much popular and have the good position in Alexa. You start to make link short to earn money today.