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Eat In These Restaurants While Going From Lahore to Islamabad

Islamabad is not only the capital but also the most beautiful city in Pakistan. Its beauty is characterized by the dazzling Margilla Hills that surround its vicinity. Moreover, the lush green landscape of the city is a thing that attracts foreign diplomats. The crystal clear streets and the unspoiled atmosphere of the city make Islamabad one of the most attractive cities in Pakistan.

Like various other things, the food culture in Islamabad is also on the peak. The restaurant industry of the city has drastically surged the dining scene. The renovated hotels and bars offer the visitors an adventurous food experience. If you are going to visit Islamabad through Cheap Airline Tickets, we recommend you visit these restaurants to beat your hunger.

1.     The Monal

The Verdant Margilla Hills surround the capital of Pakistan and the best way to witness them while also tasting the dishes in to go to Monal. The bird’s eye view of the city from the rooftop of Monal is certainly priceless. Apart from offering the tasty dishes of various kinds, The Monal also enthralls the guests with the panoramic views of the hills. Though the restaurant is somewhat off the track, a drive across the pristine hillside would be an enigmatic experience in itself. There are a total of seven outdoors where you can dine while watching the birds flying along the dazzling mountains.

2.     Highland Resort

Highland Resort is located at Pir Sohawa and entails everything to make your day pleasant and memorable. A lot of greenery also surrounds it, and the isolated environment of this hotel makes them a unique spot. It is only 10 km ahead of Monal restaurant. Driving up to his exotic resort is nothing short of an adventure. The best time to come here is during daylight, given you would have more time to relax in his serene area. Though the food here is expensive, the quality they offer is also supreme. Amazingly, the restaurant has both inside and outside sitting options.

3.     Majlis

This restaurant is housed inside a private residence. From outside, it does not make much impression; but once you go inside, you will be overwhelmed by its impressive layout and elegant décor. The fine wooden tables, attractive carpets, exotic painting, and hospitable management make the Majlis a must-visit for foodies. It is basically an Arab restaurant where you will find the cuisine of various varieties, including Lebanese, Middle Eastern, and the Saudi Arabian. The most significant dishes of the restaurant ate kebabs, kabsa rice, babganouch, and the hammous tahina. Amazingly, you will also be served with shisha and salad on the outdoor terrace of Majlis.

4.     Khiva

Khiva has so many dishes on its menu that you will be spoilt for choices. However, whatever you eat from here, you will never forget its taste and ambience. These dishes are made from the culinary traditions of Asia and Pakistan, and they will surely compel you to lick your fingers. The Pashtun specialty is the Peshawari beef that is cooked with the delicious grilled chops. Plus, there is also a wide variety of juicy meats grilled in the Afghan way. Since the hotel has an intimate and tranquil setting, you will experience a mysterious blow of serenity and calmness. If you are from Lahore, you should book Lahore To Islamabad Flights in advance to save some bucks.

5.     Rakaposhi

Rakaposhi lies inside the lavish Serena Hotel in Islamabad. Its sophisticated and elegant red-colored interior makes it an ideal choice for the couples to show their love. The exemplary surrounding of the hotel cannot be found anywhere else in the city. The pristine and lavish green laws and the outdoor seating area are perfect for an overwhelming outing with your loved one. From traditional and fast food to continental delicacies, Rakaposhi offers a wide variety of food. If you come here in the evening, you will be served with delicious snacks and mouthwatering pastries. So, if you are looking for a cozy and cute café, Rakaposhi should be your best bet.

6.     Mocca Coffee

Mocca Coffee is responsible for creating the ambience of Scandinavian culture in Pakistan. It has a creamy colored venue on the one hand and the organic ingredients on the other, thereby reflecting the northern influence. The wheatgrass and acai mixed in the fruit glasses has a sparkling quality that will leave you spellbound. Apart from the northern dishes, the menu also offers international delicacies such as Spanish omelets, Italian sauces, and Arabian desserts. However, among all the items here, coffee is an undisputable king because Mocca provides the guests with every blend of expertly made coffee.


Eating from the sports outlined here will not only enhance your food experience, but it will also enable you to create unforgettable memories. You can visit faremakers.com to book the flight to Islamabad in advance.