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The Complete SEO Course In Urdu/Hindi for 2020

SEO stands for search Engine Optimization is a technique that is used to rank-up a website or blog by understanding the Google algorithms to get huge amount of visitors for your blog or website. For this purpose we decided to create a complete course particularly for Pakistanis  and Indians people in Urdu/Hindi language to make it easy for all.

We have observed that it was very simple to design a website or blog, you know a matric pass student can design very attractive websites using the most common, CMS such as Wrodpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. After that you write some posts. It is also not hard work as  many web designers are writing lot of content for their websites  and blogs to get visitors.

Instead of these things, Pakistanis and Indians blogger are still suffering to get huge amount of visitors. We have tested so many websites  to point out this problem, as we felt they have very attractive websites and also very informative content as well but still no traffic.

Why SEO!

So that we analyzed these websites by using different tools and have found a common problem is the SEO problem. It means subcontinent’s bloggers are no able to solve SEO problems. It might be that they have no proper information about SEO, because when we open YouTube or search in Google. We fined English content that is far away from new bloggers.

Watch This Video to know our Work : A little Preview

Yes it is, because so many points of SEO cannot be understood in only watching few videos, that is why we decided to create a complete SEO course in Urdu  or Hindi language to help the people .


What this SEO Course Includes:

Following are points what we have told in this course

  • SEO – Introduction
  • Website Niche + Hosting + Domain
  • Keyword Research , long tail and short tail keywords
  • Keyword proximity + density
  • Geographical targeted audience
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Complete Blogger  SEO
  • SEO Tools
  • Duplicate content issues and their solution
  • txt file, domain & page authority
  • Alexa rank, Google page rank
  • WordPress or Custom website
  • Checking progressing methods
  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Google Analytic Tool
  • 100 visitors formula
  • E-books
  • Free updates and life time suports
  • Much more…….


The Complete solution of how to get first page of google this course have 85 videos with practical examples
I am Asghar Ali Khan I have 3 years experience of web designing and development my website is apnapedia com you can add me on facebook by putting my phone number in search box where you will be watched by my course preview videos 

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What is majestic seo

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and many more

I am on first page against these keywords

Just contact me to get my course I hope you will be highly surprised by watching course

Asghar Ali Khan

In this course we have also discussed so many other things related to SEO that is basic to advanced level.

Click under Image to get full SEO course In Urdu/Hindi

complete seo training in urdu


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