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Get 1st Page of Google By Buying Our SEO Services

SEO stands for search engine optimization, in simple words when you launch a website you need to get traffic there as,

No people = No business …..  More People = More-Opportunities

We solve all issues related to your traffic we ranking up your website in Google search results.

Our Road Map :

First of all we analyze your website/blog using different tools then make some changes in description & Meta description, backlinks, permalinks etc.

Secondly we rankup your website or single article, for example if your website or an article in blog is related to “web-development” , as someone searches about web-development your stuff should be placed on the first page of Google search result.

SEO Specialist


  1. SEO Article with Image: (for your blog or website)

              Above 600 words = 20$


    2. SEO Article to be placed 1st page of Google: (for your blog or website)

                Above 900 words = 60$


Keyword Researching for your niche= 5$ (with complete report like visitors, competition etc.)


Note: Getting first page will take maximum 15 days so you may keep in contact with us


What’s Included More!

We have got an opportunity for you all that will boost your rankings on SERP for sure.

Got Some high DA Page Rank Sites where your links will be posted (DOFOLLOW).

Indexed Guarantee.

Listing the Sites Below:

  • www.medium.com  =  $30
  • www.hubpages.com  =33$
  • www.linkedin.com  = 29$
  • www.goarticle.com = 40$
  • www.sooperarticles.com   = 35$
  • www.articleblast.com = 34$

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