How to Subscribe Telenor Djuice Internet & SMS Packages

Djuice is launched by Telenor  in October 2006 that is the 4th largest telecommunication network in Pakistan. Djuice package is used in those countries where Telenor exists. It has 12 million subscribers in all over the world. Djuice subscribers are increasing in Pakistan day by day just like ZONG Network Propagation because …

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Major Causes and Solution of Unemployment in Pakistan

Unemployment in Pakistan is increasing with the passage of time. It is worst problem for all over the world. PK men and women are continuously suffering this depression called unemployment. In Pakistan, lots of students move to abroad for work after getting higher degrees from different institutions. Pakistan is the richer …

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Artificial Neuron & its Components with different functions

(AI) Artificial intelligence is a new development in computer science to perform specific functions like the human being. Artificial Neural Work theory was influenced from psychological theories of animal learning such as many animals learn many things even they know who love them or their enemy, same like artificial neuron is derived …

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