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How To Make an Online TryIt Reader for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Like W3schools

In this website I have started  to teach people html, so I write some post by explaining different tags and some other things but at the same time it is very necessary for you me to make a html online editor there. So that I decided to do it, for this purpose I have searched many places to find out the best html reader, but I could not find it. Honestly I received some editors but did not work well as creating issues like coloring, no proper alignments and not sporting all tags even some necessary tags were being missed.

Then I decided to try it myself with the help of codes what I had got from different places. Finally I got successes to create a very simple even it supports all tags and we can you it without internet connection. Moreover it sports html, JavaScript, css at the same time that is I decided to distribute with you.

Under are some simple steps to used this try it editor for you self;

  1. Copy this all code and paste in your Notepad
  2. Save by giving name like “myeditor.html”
  3. Open your save file with browser

Online Editor Script:

       <style> textarea, iframe
border:2px solid #400040;
	 <body><table border="2" width="100%" height="100%"> <tr bgcolor="#efdfff"><th>
	 <table width="100%" height="100%" border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5">
<td width="50%" scope="col">  </td> 
<td width="50%" scope="col" align="left"> 
   <center><input onclick="runCode();" type="button" value= "Run Code!"></center>
<center><b>Paste Your Code here!</b></center>
<textarea name="sourceCode" id="sourceCode">
<head> <title>My Codes</title> </head>
<h1> Welcome Coders!</h1>
<p> Write HTML, Javascript or CSS here & click run code!</p>

<iframe name="targetCode"  id="targetCode"> </iframe> </td>
function runCode() {
var content = document.getElementById('sourceCode').value;
var iframe = document.getElementById('targetCode');
iframe = (iframe.contentWindow)?iframe.contentWindow:(iframe.contentDocument)? iframe.contentDocument.document: 

return false;

If you have any problem related to this code or you want any of more improvment, just put in comment section thanks.

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