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  Does Your Business Have The Three Most Important Types Of Content?

Writing content to grow your business and increase your website traffic is not a shot-in-the-dark strategy. It’s not just about putting lots of content out there and hoping something will stick. The quality of that content is ultimately crucially important as well. No matter what your niche is, here are three kinds of content that any business should be putting out there:


  • Content That Educates
  • Content that Enlightens
  • Content that Entertains

This trio is often called the three E’s of content marketing. let us talk about one by one to know more deeply about it!


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Content That Educates:

Content that educates is needed to help explain concepts better; this kind of content is used to spread information and knowledge. Think how-to guides and website FAQ pages as examples of content that educates. Increasingly though companies are turning to video as educational content since nothing explains a concept better than a live visual medium!

Content That Enlightens:

Content that enlightens highlights benefits and features that may have not been uniquely featured in other mediums and serves to reassure your readers. Enlightened content may take the form of podcasts, webinars, or blogs. The purpose of using enlightened content is to help illustrate a new angle or a new product use that helps broaden your reader’s perspective.

Content That Entertains:

Content that entertains is typically used for attracting people towards your content. Videos, compelling info-graphics, contests, polls, quizzes and social media content in general are popular means of entertainment.

So let’s look at how businesses develop content within the three E’s of content marketing:

Blog Posting:

Blogs, because of their regular and frequent nature are a great way to build trust and credibility one post at a time. Blogs take work and the rewards take longer, but the ultimate relationship created is stronger and longer-lasting. Use blog posts to inform, educate and entertain readers, especially since posts don’t need to be limited to text – use images and videos and get creative!

Writing Newsletters:

Opt-in newsletters are a great way to send special information to those who sign up to receive it. This kind of content implies exclusivity – in essence you are thanking them for trusting you with their email address and for keeping an open channel of communication. Use newsletters to share stories and features that give your readers new insight.User Videos: Testimonial videos are a great way to persuade and inform because people love to hear unbiased endorsements and reviews before making a purchase decision. If you can get a bunch of videos of people reviewing your product that’s a whole new level of persuasion!

Online Seminars:

Oftentimes your business may need to hold online seminars (webinars) to field commonly asked questions or dispel common myths. Webinars, because they can be interactive, give your readers a chance to connect with your company on a one-to-one level and can be great for holding product-specific Q&A sessions.

Writing E-books:

Short, punchy, instantly downloadable, conversationally written and packed with useful information, e-books have infiltrated the market as one of the most common types of persuasive and informative content that you can put out there.

Content on its own is not the driving force. Content that solves problems is the key. Find out your readers’ problem, and then use content to address those problems in a way that aligns with your brand.

What kind of content is your business putting out there and are you fulfilling the three E’s of content marketing?

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