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What Are Computer Output Devices? Explain its Various Kinds With Examples

As we know that computer input devices are used to enter data but the devices that are used to show results of input, are called output devices. So when an input is given to computer to perform specific, as a result computer shows output. For example marks of all subjects are entered in computer, so computer counts all marks and also percentage of them. In this example “Entering Marks” by user is input and counting of them that computer performs is output.

Following is given a list of all output devices that are used more frequently:

  • Monitor
  • Speaker
  • Printer
  • Plotter
  • Projector


It is the most common output device; it shows results/output after processing. It provides visual output from a computer. A monitor looks like a TV screen as it displays text & graphic images. A user performs so many tasks like commands while watching on the monitor screen.

There are different types of monitors with respect to sizes, regulations, and characteristics.

Types of Monitors:

CRT Monitors:

It stands for Cathode Ray Technology, that is an embed from of vacuum tube technology. It consists of three guns that fire a beam of electrons inside the display screen. These guns generate three primary colors, so other colors are generated by combining these colors.

LCD Monitors:

It stands for Liquid Crystal Display monitors.  Actually, a liquid is used that that blocks or allows a beam of light emitting behind the liquid to create the best quality images. It consumes less electricity power and get up less space. It also emits very less harmful radiations.

LED Monitor:

It stands for light emitting diode monitor, is the most advance form of LCD monitors. The semiconductor diodes are used to develop liquid crystal display. So these diodes emit different colors of light to generate images and text on the display screen.


Printer in an output device, it used to convert soft copy to hard copy. In more simple words we cn say that it is used to print a document on the paper, printers are further categorized in different forms on the basis of their functions and price.

  • Dot Matrix Printer:

  • Inject Printer:

  • Drum Printer:

  • Laser Printer



A plotter is an output device, it also prints images but we can say that it is such types of printer that prints huge images in size and in variety of colors. It is used to create maps, graphs and charts.


Speaker is in output devices, it presents output in the form of voice just like what we listen phone calls. There are built in speaker with CPU or Monitor but the audio quality of them is not good, so people use external speaker called woofer to boost up the low based sounds.


Projector works like display screen. Simply it projects images onto the surface, it is used in schools, colleges and universities to show videos, images on to the white board in class rooms.