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Web-Designing & Development in Pakistan

The Complete SEO Course In Urdu/Hindi for 2020

SEO stands for search Engine Optimization is a technique that is used to rank-up a website or blog by understanding the Google algorithms to get huge amount of visitors for your blog or website. For this purpose we decided to create a complete course particularly for Pakistanis  and Indians people …

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How to Make a Calculator in PHP?

PHP is a client server language, lots of web developers use this, it is very popular because of its security such as when you write a code in any other langue your code is seen by any one by just clicking ctr+u, but as far as php is concerned you …

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Web Designing & Development

  We deal with two things that are the most popular now a days: HTML & CSS WordPress According to your business plan we may not only suggest you a domain name but we provide it with web hosting services on the basis of very suitable price. As for as …

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