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Why Bangkok Should Be On Your Tour List?

All the cities of Thailand are beautiful; however, Bangkok has another level. From the fine dining and delicious food to the glimpse of rich culture, the city has all the things that are craved by the traveling lovers. As soon as you land in this city, you might get inundated with the huge traffic, however, with time, you will start falling in love with the uniqueness of this city.

The city of Bangkok began as a small trading center some 200 years ago. However, today, it is considered as the hub of innovative businesses. All the temples, palaces, and markets tell an intriguing story about the glorious past of Bangkok.

With so many things to offer, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity of traveling to Bangkok by Thai Airlines Flight Booking. Your tour dreams can never be accomplished until you visit this sparkling city. Today, we are going to discuss why traveling to Bangkok is imperative. You will get to know about all the charming places, delicious meals and entertainment hubs of Bangkok after reading this piece.

Compelling Places To Visit In Bangkok

Bangkok flaunts all the infuriating, exciting, and smile-inducing places. There are ancient as well as modern sites to inundate your expression. The places that I am going to mention here will surely compel you to come to Bangkok.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun, aka “Temple of the Dawn,” is the most astonishing temple in Bangkok and looks even more stunning during the sunset. It is located on the west bank of Chao Phraya River and has ancient architecture. Wat Arun is an appropriate place for the families considering the tranquil environment.

Saduak Floating Market

Located around 100 km southwest of Bangkok, Damneon Saduak is a floating market where you will find dozens of boats laden with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. This market is termed as the pioneer of all other markets given that it offers a unique experience of trade to the tourists. The food vendors will immediately whip up the bowl once you request for something.

Wat Pho

If your feet are up for more walking, then Wat Pho can create a supreme addition to your journey. The Wat Pho temple is the oldest one in Bangkok and was built by King Rama I. It is widely known as the place of the healing because people from all across the country come here for Thai or foot massage.

Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya River flows south to the Gulf of Thailand and has countless exposures for you. Even though the elegant dinner cruise and entrancing ferry rides are a perfect reason to visit this place, it’s dazzling beauty against the background of towering buildings make this a top-notch for traveling lovers. Amazingly, there are no charges for visiting this place, and therefore, it must be included in your travel list.

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is a 27 m high teak frame located in front of Wat Suthat. People used to gather here for a religious ceremony held every year in December. People would sit in the swing, and then the official workers used to move it. However, the contest was banned in 1932, following a number of deadly accidents.

Bangkok Ocean World

The breathtaking aquarium should certainly be a part of your plan on your journey to Bangkok. The aquarium is located two stories underneath the luxurious Siam Paragon Shopping mall and offers dazzling views of sea life. There are more than 30,000 enigmatic sea creatures in this aquarium that allure thousands of people each year.

Cuisine Of Bangkok

Another major reason why Bangkok should be on your tour list is the scrumptious cuisine. The best Thai food can be tasted in the inexpensive hotels of this city. There are so many restaurants in the city that it sometimes becomes impossible to find the best ones. However, with a small effort, you can find the top-notch hotels whose meals are popular all across the world. Here is a list of some of the tastiest meals of Bangkok that you cannot afford to miss. You will surely demand more once you taste these cuisines.

Fresh Fish Soup

If you visit the Charoen Krung area at night and see that a big fish is hanging in front of a food stall, then it means you have come to the right place. The hanging fishes are the catches of the day, and what you see there will be in your fresh soup. Apart from the soup, the food stalls of this area also serve other items of seafood such as Crab Soup, Rice Soup, and Spicy Salad.

Tom Yum Noodles

Tom Yum noodles have been consumed as lunch by office workers in Bangkok for the past 50 years. During weekday lunch hour, hundreds of well-dressed people create a queue to get the noodles lunch. The most famous hotel for Tom Yum noodles is Roong Rueng which also serves the noodles of many other flavors.

Soft Boiled Eggs In Tom Yum Noodle

If you want to try something unconventional, we recommend you visit Ko Boo Rod Aing where you will be served with 2 soft boiled eggs. Once you break the egg, the yolk would certainly ooze out into the soup. However, if you aren’t a big fan of eggs, then you can change flavors whenever you want.

Isaan Food

Isaan is located in the northeastern part of Thailand and is a perfect place for hot and spicy flavor lovers. Luckily, you don’t have to go to northeast Thailand to taste the scrumptious food given that many hotels offer the same Isaan food in the heart of Bangkok.

Som Tam Su Saan

After tasting this dish, you will feel like you are in spicy heaven. There are several choices for the menu including Som Tam Salad, Larb Meat Salad, Spicy Soup, and grilled fish.

Som Tam Jay So

It is the dish of spicy grilled chicken wings. It is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. It also has different varieties of Salad, such as Green Papaya Salad and Crab Salad. The dish only costs $0.5 per stick, and so, you definitely need to eat it.

Things To Do In Bangkok

As you have already got an idea about the diverse beauty and delicious food of Bangkok, it is time to take you one step further. Another important dimension of visiting Bangkok is the presence of entertaining spots. However, it is imperative for you to thoroughly evaluate Cheap Flights To Bangkok to save your bucks.  All of your exhaustion would be gone once you experience the charm of these spots. Here is a brief outlook of some of the activities that you can do in the entertaining places of Bangkok.

Riding The Sky Train

The best way to get around all the Bangkok is by taking a ride on sky trains. They have air-conditioned carriages and offer convenient rides to not only the natives but also foreign tourists. Sky trains operate on the tracks located above the roads, and therefore, you would see the entire view of the city while traveling on these trains.

Take A Boat Trip Along Chao Phraya River

Bangkok is also termed as “Venice of the East.” It is due to the Chai Phraya River that flows through Bangkong and all the adjacent canals. More than 50,000 people go to their offices by traveling on the river ferries. Taking a boat tour down the river is ravishing as you will see fancy hotels on one side and wooden shacks on the other.

Shop At Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is an immensely famous shopping mall that entails hundreds of different shops, a huge multiplex cinema, and Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium. Apart from this, well-known car manufacturers including Lamborghini and Ferrari also have showrooms here. Shopping from this mall would be a memorable adventure for you.

Bottom Line

We have summarized all the fascinating things which will surely compel you to visit this city. Even though there are also many other cities to travel, you can book Cheap Flights to travel these places. However, most of them are quite expensive, and the middle-class community cannot go there.  Bangkok can be visited by everyone regardless of their economic status. So, do not wait and start exploring the unchartered territories of Bangkok.

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