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Udemy Alternative To PayPal

A very headache problem for udemy’s instructors that would not be paid if you they do not have paypal that does not work in many countries. You know udemy is the place where thousands of people earning huge amount of money by selling their video courses. As we can easily create a video course to present there.  I have also few courses that I created in last year but I could not upload on udemy because there was no any other payment method except papal.

So many times I email them but received that they are working to launch alternative of paypal but few days ago I just sent an email and took very positive responsive from them and I was highly surprised to know that they have just launched alternative to paypal that is payoneer card.

Using payoneer account you can get your revenue from udemy as this card works in all over the world.

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See there response when I E-mailed to Udemy.

paypal alternative on udemy