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A List of The Top Slideshare Websites Having High PR

Generally Slides are created by using software such as MS Power Point. It is used to presentation on multimedia to attract with audience as showing the most important points by explaining them. A single is a simple page but a presentation consists of many slides.

In these days we can watch slides over the internet and we also upload them for other. That is why we decided to show you the best quality slide sharing websites that are given under:


1. www.slideshare.net
2. www.slideboom.com
3. www.powershow.com
4.www. present.me
5. presentationfx.com
6. www.scribd.com
7. www.show.zoho.com
8. www.noteandpoint.com
9. www.sliderocket.com
10. www.slideroll.com
11. www.myplick.com
12. www.slideshow.com
13. www.slideworld.com
14. www.templateswise.com
15. www.vcasmo.com
17. www.animoto.com
19. www.brainshark.com
20. www.empressr.com
21. www.issuu.com
22.www. m62.net