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Tips On Getting Custom Printed Boxes For Your Retail Product

Product packaging is of utmost importance in building a brand’s perception, getting a product pitched and acquiring customers. Putting in creativity, hard work and money in packaging is a long term investment that can work wonders for your brand and product promotion. You can use packaging as a tool to communicate with potential buyers, swaying their buying decision and creating inkling for your brand.


So while custom packaging offers you so many perks, getting it designed and printed rightly can turn out to be a tricky endeavor. If you don’t have a reliable packaging service provider, you are likely to face many challenges from getting design support to choosing the printing material and receiving timely service. So the first step towards getting quality product boxes customized is, looking out for a dependable printing solutions provider.

You can’t risk handing over the print job for your retail boxes to someone incompetent. There are many local and online printing companies; you can do the research by checking out their services in detail. If you come across the mouth of word referral for a printing vendor, it is wise to trust it. If not, follow your instinct and gauge the professionalism and customer service of various service providers before choosing one. Once you find a trustworthy printing vendor, here are some tips that will help you with customizing product boxes!

A Marvy Packaging Design

Whether you are selling cosmetics, gadgets, clothing items or any other product the first thing a shopper would notice is the packaging of the product. If you want to make a first great impression about your brand, the artwork of your packaging boxes should be entrancing enough to persuade buyers into liking the retail item. So pay attention to the design of your custom printed boxes. Many printing service providers facilitate clients by offering them free design support; Stampa Prints is one such printer. You can share your requirements and inclinations with the design team and get a couple or more options to see which one best complement your retail item and brand.

Enduring Printing Material

No matter what kind of product you intend to package, it requires a robust packaging solution to keep it safe from moisture, heat, bacteria and other tampering factors. Ask the printer to give you printing material options if you are well-acquainted with thickness, flexibility, texture and other features of the stock. If not, you can tell the printer about the fragility and shelf life of your product to provide you material preferences that are long-lasting and cost-effective. Don’t compromise on the quality of stock for saving money; this can affect your product texture and efficacy. Be mindful when making a selection for printing material for custom packaging.

Purposeful Custom Boxes Wholesale

Shoppers are very demanding these days. They don’t like to invest in brands and products that are an effort to deal with. If you want your retail product to be worth liking and buying for the consumers, make your packaging detailed. Mention the unique selling points of a cosmetic or other items on the boxes to make it easier for a shopper to know how your product can be used and is better than the rest.

Don’t leave out any information like net weight, list of ingredients, cautions and other sought after details that a buyer would require when making a decision. You can add value to the packaging boxes by offering inclusive details on them regarding your product and brand. Use fewer words to share more, don’t use bland paragraphs as a digital consumer doesn’t have time to read and go through so much of boring text.

Easy to Carry Packaging Boxes

For perishable products, you can have a user-friendly packaging layout. For items that are stored along with the packaging, you need to have easy to carry, lightweight and storable boxes. Have a look at the packaging style options available at hand, if you have a better idea to discuss it with the printer to explore the prospects. Offering convenience through packaging will go a long way in making your retail merchandise likable with a wider consumer base.

Packaging That is Multi-purpose  

Having multi-purpose custom boxes wholesale for your retail product would make your brand worth remembering with the customers. Boxes that are worth keeping for another product or can be used for some DIY activity will make your branding details memorable with the consumers; they will like to come back to your retail store for more purchases.

If you are looking for contemporary custom packaging solutions, Stampa Prints is a service provider that is trusted widely for its expertise, cutting edge printing techniques, stellar customer service and minimal turnaround time. The printing company is providing personalized packaging and printing services to various American and Canadian businesses and individuals.

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