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Explore Your Business By Publishing A Press Release On These Submission Sites in 2017

Press Release is breaking news about particular matter that can be called “an advertisement” .  When a press released is submitted lots of related people show impression because they want answers of their questions what they have. So that when people create websites or start business online they put information of their website or in press releasing places to catch up visitors.In this way they get traffic back to their website and also their products can be sold there.

Actually, they get huge amount of visitors so your news is read by other one and they come back to your website as you paste your link in content, some press releasing websites put your breaking new to other places like Google new etc,  but for this purpose they charge some amount.

In under lines we have given complete list of top press release websites, you may use them for your own purposes, all have high PR and having lots of visitors daily as well.

Press release websites lists

List of Press Release Sites:

  1. www.extrapr-deleted.com
  2. www.free-news-release.com
  3. www.freeprnews.co.uk
  4. www.freepressIndex.com
  5. www.free-press-release.com
  6. www.helpareporterout.com
  7. www.i-newswire.com
  8. www.looppr.co.uk
  9. www.24-7pressrelease.com
  10. www.afly.com
  11. www.afreego.com
  12. www.marketwire.com
  13. www.marketpressrelease.com
  14. www.mediasyndicate.com
  15. www.mycompanypr.com
  16. www.betanews.com
  17. www.biblioscribe.com
  18. www.businesswire.com
  19. www.ggIdir.com
  20. www.clickpress.com
  21. www.contactanycelebrity.com
  22. www.directionsmagazine.com
  23. www.eboomWebSolutions.com
  24. www.nanotechnology-now.com
  25. www.nationalhomlandsecurityknowledgebase.com
  26. www.prwindow.com
  27. www.przoom.com
  28. www.i-reachbyprnewswire.com
  29. www.indiaprwire.com
  30. www.newsmediareleases.com
  31. www.newswiretoday.com
  32. www.onlineprmedia.com
  33. www.onlywire.com
  34. www.openpr.com
  35. www.postfreepressreleases.com
  36. www.pr9.net
  37. www.prfree www.pr-gb.com
  38. www.pr-inside.com
  39. www.prbuzz.com
  40. www.press2people.com
  41. www.pressabout.com
  42. www.1888pressrelease.com
  43. www.ecommwire.coms-release.net
  44. www.prlog.com
  45. www.prnewswire.com
  46. www.prurgent.com
  47. www.pyrabang.com
  48. www.radio-tvinterviewreport.com
  49. www.sanepr.com
  50. www.techprspider.com
  51. www.theopenpress.com
  52. www.thomasnetnews.com
  53. www.ugamedia.com
  54. www.ukprwire.com
  55. www.webwire.com
  56. www.postpressrelease.com
  57. www.24-7pressrelease.com
  58. www.ereleases.com
  59. www.prnewswire.com
  60. www.prlog.org
  61. www.prweb.com
  62. www.marketwired.com
  63. www.businesswire.com
  64. www.prweb.com
  65. www.ereleases.com
  66. www.ereleases.org
  67. www.express-pres
  68. www.prnewswire.com
  69. www.pr.com
  70. www.newswire.com
  71. www.onlinePRNews.com
  72. www.businesswire.com
  73. www.pressbox.co.uk
  74. www.pressexposure.com
  75. www.prmac.com
  76. www.pressmethod.com
  77. www.pressreleasecirculation.com
  78. www.pressreleasemethod.co.uk
  79. www.pressreleasesonline.co.uk
  80. www.pressreleasespider.com
  81. www.prleap.com


Suggestions When you Publish Press:

  • Firstly, you complete your profile with your good and real information.
  • Always use your specific brand e-mail address as ( ask@yoursite.com), in some PR-sites you could use gmail, yahoo etc.
  • Must Check Alexa Rank and Majestic over flow before going to sign-up.
  • Your press release should be press release not an article.
  • Write meaning full and original “Press release summary”, don’t copy from any part of your whole content.
  • Insert keywords as “phrases” and also use good tags.
  • Don’t paste your link at too many places, we recommend one time in particular place but you may use twice.

If you have any more question put in under comment section. Thanks




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