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How to Make a Calculator in PHP?

PHP is a client server language, lots of web developers use this, it is very popular because of its security such as when you write a code in any other langue your code is seen by any one by just clicking ctr+u, but as far as php is concerned you …

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Udemy Alternative To PayPal

A very headache problem for udemy’s instructors that would not be paid if you they do not have paypal that does not work in many countries. You know udemy is the place where thousands of people earning huge amount of money by selling their video courses. As we can easily …

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How to Use Frames In Website Using HTML Tags

Frame is another component of Webpages it is not used as most of the time. Frames split your window into different portion are called frames where you can each portion of frame may call spread html document to load there. Actually,  there are some disadvantages of frame that is why …

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