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How To Create Hyperlink in Macromedia Director?

Macromedia Director Version 5.0 was launched very early in 90’s. This version had been very useful as it was widely used for personal & commercial projects for free. Now its new version is very attractive and useful to design amazing projects either your personal usage or commercial. In this post we will tell you how to create hyperlink in Macromedia director.



Creating Hyperlink in Adobe Director 5.0:

how to create hyper text in director 5.0

  1. Long tap on a word

In the Add Text screen perform a long tap to display a menu with the Link option.

  1. Select a ‘Link’

Tap on Link and in the displayed window you can provide the link itself, and also the optional title text displayed for the link.

To link to a specific page in your book just enter the number e.g. 5. You can also use any type of valid link .

Quick Look to New Version:


  • Too Much Attractive
  • Having More Properties
  • Extra Features
  • Much MoreCreating link in new version of Adobe director