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What Are The Easy Ways To Learn English In Pakistan?

After the war of 1857 Britain’s occupied on the subcontinent. The Britain tried to spread English language every where in the subcontinent. Hindu people did not hesitate to adopt English as a language, but Muslim were not ready mentally to adopt English. The Muslims did not realize the importance of English for the coming years. They did not realize that most of literary and scientific knowledge is in English language. At that time it was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who arose the importance of English in the minds of Muslims. He knew that English will be dominating language in the next coming years.

Since when Pakistan got freedom from Gora people then thy also had to learn English. So government of Pakistan introduced English subject in the educational system through that system which we got after 1947,what kind of English we learnt and we are learning , our English standard is not competitive as compared to Indians Bangalidashi and others countries of the region, why its so ?let us find out the facts!

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In our system of education, student have to learn English very late especially those students who lived in rural areas thy get forced to learn tenses voices and narration of the sentence from 6th to 10 classes . but still they get acquaintance with alphabetic ABC in the class. Then students are forced to learn English tenses voices and narration of the sentence from sixth to 10th classes. But still they are not able to learn tense. As a result English becomes a fearful giant for them. So they fail to pass English. At metric level students especially who are form Urdu medium schools of government learn their lessons and summaries by the method of cramming.

But when students reach in first year classes, they have to learn summaries of English textbook. These students are not able to apply the method of cramming at this level of education. As a result of it they fail in English. why did this happen? Because educational policy makers gave us a very poor system of education, that system which compels students on cramming method.

 Here in Pakistan students learn English in the following ways.


In this period of time internet mad this word as a global village. When you use internet you find a lot of English content there. This content is written by bloggers that have belong to different part of the world. Most of the contents over the internet is written in easy English that is required by Google so blogger do it.

Put your favorite topic in Google Search Box to study, you also check meaning there if any of words is difficult for you.

Over the internet there is the best website is Wikipedia that have  powerful translators , use translator to get more about the topic what you have been studying there.

Low Grade Book Reading:

When you have your spare time you read the books of your brothers and sisters who are studying in different classes. As you can understand well when you read low level class’s subjects. This is the very useful way to learn English.

Social Media:

Social Media is also the way to learn English , it is seen so many youngsters do not use english while posting and talking with other friend as they type their own language in English alphabets. I thing you should use English much there.

On the other hand you may add some English friends to talk with them to improve your language.

Reading English Newspapers:

It is little bit difficult task as to read newspapers because they use difficult words, phrases. Any how so many politicians and famous people use this method to learn English, actually they want to improve their English.

Reading Manual Guides:

This one is another very interesting ways to learn English. When we purchase different types of equipment like Mobile Phones, watches, Chargers etc. We do not read manual guides what they provide to us. We can get knowledge as reading these manual guides.

Listening Radio Programs:

In these days we do not like to listen radio, but there are many English programs are conducted, the very good thing is that , the DJs use English words repeatedly and the words are also spoken according to the situation. You go to buy a radio if you do not have.

Watching Talk Shows:

On TV you can watch political and other talk shows instead of watching dramas, songs. So many knowledgeable personalities are setting there to talk on particular topic. I think that is very good way to learn English.

Listening Commentary:

So many people like to watch cricket matches,  wrestling , football, but they do not pay attention to the commentator words. If you pay little attention you can learn many words of English while enjoying matches.

These are all new tips and ways to learn English if you use these ways I hope you will be able to speak English soon.

Best Wishes