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Brusads Review | The Best Mailer List

2 years ago I was much worried due to lake of traffic on my favorite website, I just told my friend about this harmful situation, he introduced me to the usage of best safe lists & how to be beneficial from them, firstly he asked me to join a best safe list. In here I am giving you my experience as the topic named best brusads review.



Brusads Video


As I got fee account I was much happier because this program provided  me facility up to email to 2000 random  members as well as got $100 in instant free traffic to promote my business offers for making sell, here is more what I did this instant free traffic,

  • Create my best safe list free                                     
  • Drive organic traffic on my website
  • Generate leads                                                        
  •  Create my favorite down lines
  • Free promote many affiliate programs               
  •  Recruit affiliate
  • Free promote many membership website           
  •  Introduce newer programs

Two ways, but the best to promote offers with brusads


  1. E-Mail marketing
  2. Free list building

Listing building was very hard for me before joining this safe list, but this was the only brusads through this I build responsive Email list free, you should build your email list, make relation with them, brusads provides many options in which you can collect email addresses of people very easily after then put a good email to those people who are in your list, in this way you may make sell and get traffic on your website, as a free member what you may get more,

  • 2000 mailing
  • 21 text link 1000 impression $20 value
  • 6 banners ads 1000 impressions $60 value

Is brusads is the best affiliate program? 

Brusads is the best affiliate program to get profit from the internet if you refer your contacts to join this great safe list you earn a lot of money in return and also you can get extra befits in every week because they awards more than $900 for their referral, look at this,

1st position =$500

2nd position =$300

3rd position = $100

4th to 10th position holders get 10 solo ads as well as life time premium membership that has $250 value, get free account and start referring people by social media or ,making email list in it or traffic exchange in brusads etc.

How to upgrade free membership of brusads?

If you are a free member of this safe list you can upgrade free of cost using promo code, every new member gets promo code to upgrade, moreover being a free member of this best safe list you get 10% of any thing your people and upgrades member gets 50%commission, turn to upgrade my friend to get more then this.

Brusads conservation rate

 $1 = 4000 Credits

But if you purchase then it will be

$3 = 200 Credits per 100 banner impression


$3 = 200 Credits to buy text link 1000 views

To further detail go to sign up and click “Advertising”

Join free today

At the first time I sent 200 free emails through in which I asked people to join this best affiliate program , with in two days 30 people got account of brusads and 4 people were upgraded so that I got a little commission, after getting commission I did not with draw all money just I purchased more solo ads to referral tons of people even I am doing too now the same thing, on the other hand I have a website I am getting much more unique traffic more and more every day through this best safe list.

Another way to referral people is that using you best auto res-ponder, go, open Gmail or live or yahoo put your best message inserting your brusads referral link so that you will be able to email automatically those who email you

All this discussion we take result is there is too much importance of credits, simply in this safe list credits play pivotal role to make money as $1=4000 credits.



How to get brusads credits free?

Lots of ways to get credits in this best safe list because each and every thing  even money is hidden in credits so that I am getting credits in is also was included in my best brusads review to help you I tried to keep in mind to explain each and every complicated thing about this best safe list.

  •  As you open brusads website you see a bar at the left side click on “surf site” a page opens you will be got 10 credits with in 10 second.
  •  At the bottom of “surf site” click on “browse refmail” there is lots of blue ads click one by one you will be rewarded 40 credits for each click.
  •  Same like another option under the “browse refmail” is “browse ads” click on it, same like lots of solo ads there click one by one you will be given 100 credits for each click this one of the best tactics to get tons of credits even very easy way to get money in brusads as $1=4000 credits.
  • You can get thousand of credits very easily by using all methods, this is the only safe list in which with in 20-25 minutes you can earn $1.

Remember this is real internet job as people say you can earn $100 with in 10 minutes are all scam fake I descried realities in front of you, first I did then I am presenting my best brusads review as I have never ever got in to the bother.

On the basis of these solid reasons, I suggest you to sign up in this best safe list, grow you business get a lot of traffic on you website while surfing, lastly I hope you will be highly satisfied my by this best affiliate program, click under link to join free,

Get Brusads account with bundle of credits…….


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