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A Comprehensive Guide to Register Company Name in Pakistan

In today’s century doing business is a lot easier than ever before. With limited resources and proper strategy, anyone can start a successful business. However, you need to fulfil all the legal requirements before starting a business. The most critical step is to register your company name. There are many competitors & scammers who can adopt your company name to get your business. Therefore, it is must to register your company name in Pakistan. 

In Pakistan, the company is one of the most favoured forms of business organization. Although, to register online company name in Pakistan you need to take services from the online registrars such as pknic domain checkin order to check the availability. Mainly, there are two ways that are discussed in this article through which you can register your company name in Pakistan.

Why Register Your Company Name?

Many times, business owners or entrepreneurs think about why to register their company even when they can simply purchase a domain name and start their online/offline business easily. Just like the way you selected your domain name to secure your unique identity on the internet, registration is also necessary. It helps you to secure your slot and restrain others from taking that specific name for their company.

If you start your company without any registration, and you achieved great success after doing many efforts. The very next, you will face legal issues. As soon as someone will know your business name isn’t registered he may get it registered and take legal actions against you. Even if not, then you have to pay a lot to buy your own company name to legalize. Therefore, to stay away from such complications you need to register your company name in Pakistan.

Use DBA (Doing Business as):

The easiest way to register your company name in Pakistan is to file a DBA with the state’s office. DBA is also known as registering a fictitious domain name. There is a small fee that is required for filling and sometimes you will also need to publish a notice in any newspaper. Before you file DBA you will need to search to be sure that your business name isn’t owned by any other.

Create A Business Structure:

The most common path to register a company name in Pakistan is creating a formal business structure. You can create LLC or corporations to set up a business structure that offers various benefits and protection. It will also be easy for you to register your company name through business structure. You register the name with state (Pakistan) by filing the articles of incorporation or articles of organization.

While the business structure is similar to the DBA, as here also a search is conducted to ensure that whether any other corporation or company is registered under a similar name or not. If you are using your own name as your company name, then you don’t need to register your company. Remember that if your company intends to sell a different product or service, it also needs to be registered under the fictitious name with your state.

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