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5 Things A Newbie Needs To Do To Run A Successful Blog Online

The world of internet is full of blogs and content on different websites. The number of bloggers is increased rapidly with the passage of time. There are many known and unknown bloggers earning their livelihood from blogging. Blogger is the one who shares his opinion on a certain topic. You don’t need any degree or qualification to start a blog.

Blogging seems to be easy, create a blog start writing SEO friendly articles and that’s all. But you never thought about the other side of a blog. Blogging couldn’t be that easy without implementing on some essential things. A successful blogger is the only one which implements on all the guidelines.

A newbie needs to know the necessary things before starting a blog. You cannot run a successful blog without implementing the essential things described in this article.

Essential Things to Do Before Starting a Blog

Blogging isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. Many bloggers fail to start generating income from their blogs. While a smart human always learns from its mistakes but what about knowing the mistakes before doing it. To earn a livelihood from blogging you need to have a passion and dedication. If you are serious with your blogging, then you will start earning in your first year. The top most important things that need to be considered to start a successful blog are given below.

Choose a Platform

The most important thing you need to do as a newbie is to choose the platform for your blogging. WordPress is the biggest and popular platform for bloggers. Set up your blog on WordPress to get better results. There are many layouts and options on WordPress that makes blogging easy. Remember to know your audience in order to start a successful blog.  

Choose Domain & Host

The domain is an essential part of every blog. Your blog will be recognized with the domain name. You will need a hosting company such as host break which provides 24/7 technical supports within cheap rates. A dedicated hosting server will go perfect for your blog to run efficiently. Choosing the best hosting provider is essential to run a successful blog.

Design Your Blog

To run a successful blog, you need to design your blog. Selecting a theme will make your work easy. You don’t need to do any type of coding to design your blog. WordPress comes up with several paid themes that can be used to design a blog.

Select Plugin

There are various WordPress plugins that help you to run a successful blog. Yoast.com is one of the best plugins which provides SEO for your content. The yoast.com plugin is used by the majority of the bloggers to check and maintain the SEO of their content. 

Write Smart Content

After implementing on the above steps now you are ready to write your first content. You can design a logo for your blog or can choose your own picture for your blog. Your content should have bullet points and pictures that can attract readers. The top websites from where you can get free pictures are

  • Pexels
  • Unsplash
  • Library of Congress

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